When software is critical to the continued growth and success of your business, it’s important to get it right. Which is where our team of exceptionally skilled and visionary software engineers, Project Managers, System Integrators, Mobile Application Developers and UI/ UX engineers come in - delivering innovative products and services that delight and differentiate to turn your digital vision into a reality.

tekMAZ’s development center consist of a dedicated team of software professionals who form a virtual extension of the client’s team. Our Software development center offers benefits that are twofold – the benefits of having your own team, but without the difficulties of managing it. In addition to this, our development center also enables our clients to expand their teams, in terms of numbers or availability of skills.

tekMAZ’s own software development team model is a great choice for companies that are looking to grow their development resources without the cost and manpower of recruiting, hiring, Housing, and retaining a team at your location. With our approach to building your own software team, you get the expertise of tekMAZ’s in-house recruitment professionals with software development cost savings of up 60%.

Read more about our Dedicated Software Development Teams Outsourcing Model for Exclusive long term business relationships with maximum productivity, Cost savings and IP rights.

Our customers have many different needs and business objectives, and face an extensive range of program and technology challenges. Therefore we do not offer products or ready-made solutions, but partner with our clients to help them achieve their desired business objectives.

Please refer to some of our clients and their portfolios who we have the honor of providing our services to. As you read about the work we have completed for our clients, we hope it inspires you to build something great. Experiences delivered.

There isn’t a “Sales” team at tekMAZ for a purpose. We want your business, just not at your expense. We want to innovate your business with solutions that work for you. Be ready to speak directly with our technical staff to get real answers, not marketing fluff. Contact us below to reach our team direct.


tekMAZ is one of the leading providers of offshore development in Sri Lanka. We have been practicing Agile software development methods for our projects since 2010. Whether you are a small, midsize or large business, Software Development House or a Digital Design Agency, Individual or an IT consulting company, tekMAZ can provide a wide selection of qualified software development, UI/ UX Engineers, Project Managers and testing resources for you.

Managing Dedicated Teams

We at tekMAZ has required experience and skills to manage the teams to perform at optimum productivity and quality.

Cost Savings

We can help you to be successful in your business by archiving your business objectives spending a fraction of the cost you would spend for an in-house team.  Our dedicated software team offers you a complete software house for the cost of just a department; and without the usual long-term investment required for infrastructure development and employing people.

Skills & Technologies

We recruits talented and skillful individuals capable of multi-tasking. However, if you have specific requirements we will source and train the right people for you, to ensure a successful match.



Visibility, Communication and Control

Think of it like this:

1) tekMAZ Dedicated Software Development Team is a branch in your organization.

2) This means you enjoy full project-reports and control over what happens and when, without having to waste time on tedious micro-management tasks. This is what our Agile Project-Manager does.

3) The Agile Project-Manager reports progress back to you, requesting your feedback on one function before having the team proceed to develop the next, to insure the project is in full-compliance with your needs.

4) You benefit from his internationally-acknowledged agile training, as well as from his industry-specific background. Your team. Your vision.

5) You will also get to Communicating effortlessly and seamlessly with the entire team direct, you’re always aware of who’s doing what, how experienced they are at it, and how much they’re getting paid to do it.

6) You decide how much decision-making-autonomy to allow the Project-Manager. Nothing beyond that point happens without your go-ahead. Two backgrounds add-up to more experience than one. every P

7) We provide latest systems and high speed internet connection for seamless communication with your in-house teams. tekMAZ provides following channels to communicate with your dedicated software development team.

  • Telephone and video conferencing
  • Instant Messenger, email
  • Access to Project Management Software for daily Logs
  • Direct communication with individual team member
  • On site visits

tekMAZ is one of the finest Offshore Development house in the world today. Acclaimed Organizations who were prepared to take a dip into the wide array of pertinent support services we have on offer – regardless of our not so recent inception – found that they achieved their needs accordingly and accomplished their goals with great efficiency.

Here you will find all of our past successful, highly recognized and lucrative projects that we have worked with from the fall of 2011 when tekMAZ was initiated with an highly ambitious commitment to excellence.


White Pine Diamonds Intranet

The Challenge:

White Pine (WP) Pvt. Ltd. needed a clear-cut, convincing and robust web based intranet solution built on an open-source platform. This application – dubbed “WP-DVT” (White Pine Diamond Evaluation Tool) – was required (by pawnbrokers) to determine the value of a customer’s diamond. A valuation is determined by a series of queries that are satisfied accordingly. This was designed to be done by making a relevant choice from drop-down menus that show appropriate figures (grades, pictures, etc.).

*Based on data; obtainable via Rapnet |(server with complete information on diamond evaluation) or information uploaded by white pine; for uncertified diamonds.

The Approach:

White Pine, presented us with an entirely new challenge led by a different set of approaches in comparison to previous projects handled by tekMAZ. “Diamond-evaluation” being a novel field, we had to first thoroughly examine all areas of the process as it applies to designing this project before addressing the technicalities and efficient approaches that will eventually contain effective solutions.

“Zend”, an open source PHP framework, was used to develop the WP-Intranet. Zend is a particularly powerful application development framework contributed by several software coders around the world provided free under the GNU/GPL license.

Other Technologies (or Scripting languages) such as Asynchronous JavaScript, XML (AJAX) and jQuery were employed to develop the structure of the interface that will enhance WP’s customer experience. The use of AJAX and jQuery optimizes customer interaction as it updates results with no delay and as necessary.

The Solution:

The completed WP-DVT web-application gives WP’s customers a broad range of flexibility in evaluating diamonds and producing relevant reports (for viewing only). The administrator of the WP Intranet, in addition to retaining privileges in adding drop-down lists and/or editing their values and sorting them, can also upload Price lists for uncertified diamonds and Colour clarity combination sheets.

The Rapnet sync time (interval), that determines how often the system is updated on the diamond values by the server, can also be specified by the end-user.

The Result:

Duration: Excluding our interactions with the client for requirement gathering etc., the time taken to develop the solution, in its entirety, was 4 months. Although in a “demo” environment as of now, it is set for release at the soonest

White Pine Trading:

White Pine Trading is one of the world’s biggest recycled diamond companies and traded $50m of diamonds in 2011. Members of the public can also sell diamonds directly to White Pine at their site


The Challenge:

DIY (Do it yourself) Price Check is an online Pricing-information system. The business came to us with a requirement that specified this “online solution”. The sole specification was to implement a (said) online web-solution that connects Suppliers and their respective Buyers in such a way that an online system for their interactions and transactions are made available and tremendously eased by the coordination offered by the website.

The Approach:

The client (DIY) proposed an approach where suppliers were featured in categories that ranged from higher to lower range of product categories and numbers that can be featured. Initially, developers at tekMAZ needed access to abundant data on the dealers working with (their) customer and sufficient data on the range of product categories (that would include predictable augmentation to intermittently developed database structures with regards to their (client’s) new customers, aka Buyers & Suppliers – New Sign ups/Registration) that will comprise both parties that DIY Price Check website will highlight.

The Solution:

The approach specified by the client was used as a framework to lay out all the development work that sufficed the requirement. The rest of the system’s structures were composed around this initial pattern. Several bugs were encountered but they were progressively fixed before (prototyping) and since Mar 2011 (when it went live) as part of the system development life cycle.

Framework: All aspects of this project’s design were conceived by tekMAZ. The Core functions are reusable and easily extensible to newer modules and enhanced performance in relation to the efficient programming techniques employed in the design phase.

The Result:

tekMAZ thereby provided a reliable Website solution to the client, that presented the buyers (customers of dealers) and other visitors to the online showroom where the Suppliers were able to efficiently feature all their available products easily and effectively. The suppliers themselves had countless benefits which were discerned in a significant contrast in their market value.

As a whole, DIY Price Check benefited greatly from the online solution by not only setting buyer and seller (dealer) interactions in motion but significantly improving the yield of the experience by means of the thoroughly organized end-product that articulated exceedingly appreciable online competence.

The site was up and successfully running at the end of two years since Project Specification by the client (Jan 1 2011). It is currently undergoing enhancements and other maintenance.


The Challenge:

SaamArt, an Australian based client who is in the business of dealing with Sri Lankan Aesthetic artifacts, specified a complete revamp of their e-commerce website The website, which was up and running already, had several inconsistencies in its existing design and inaccurately articulated content that arguably resulted in inefficient marketing and poor consumer satisfaction.

The Approach:

tekMAZ was detailed on their needs and expectations extensively, which fundamentally included rebuilding the website from “scratch”, independently. Despite a number of individual solutions being built upon the initial concept-outline, several of those reference-details were veritably discarded by introducing new solutions and (evolutionary) enhancements.

The Solution:

Initially, SaamArt needed a general overview-revamp/design (from scratch, where applicable) of the commercial portal. This was superseded in rapid succession by original methodologies and concepts derived exclusively for SaamArt by our own in house content management team. The WP framework was used to implement the solution for this project.

The Result:

SaamArt also specified that 3 important categories be highlighted. Our on visual engineer provided a solution for those requirements detailing that the categories under question were emphasized; consecutively in an attractive pattern, with accompanying descriptions; in the SaamArt home page.

In the finished product (, customers can view a detailed listing of the services available for purchase, and contact SaamArt through filling an online form or obtaining relevant information from the significantly interactive Contact Us page.

Nuga Tree

The Challenge:

Nugatree, an online ecommerce site; dedicated to a book store, was built on a “zen cart” framework.

As evident from above, this was quite a premise to tackle owing to zen cart being a rigid framework: it is not very flexible (in its structure) to implement with any required specification without extensive enhancements (development) and therefore, time. It was chosen however, chiefly due to its preferably efficient usage and perceivably positive upshots. For instance, zen cart retains very best support for the client’s (under questions) specifications in comparison to other ecommerce frameworks.

The Approach:

We set about tackling the Sliders by aligning the zen cart and remaking the former to load the linked data, in a dynamic method. The slider was also designed to display customer ratings within: this was achieved by developing a relevant plug-in separately.

The above mentioned task took 12 man-hours to complete.

The tekMAZ team also developed 3 separate shipping-rate modules to address the client’s specified requirements regarding the 3 shipping methods. This is charted by each unit’s (product) shipping weight.

24 man-hours were spent on the latter undertaking.

The Solution:

The solution consisted of resolutions to all of the initial specification/requirements while also consisting of several concepts suggested and developed upon client’s consent. Such a model was the “icon” presentation: in this proposal, visual design suggestions of several of the former (in addition to other graphic-based solutions) were recommended and they fuelled the growth of the project perpetually.

The Result:

The final product that ensued from this enterprise was an ecommerce website (with integrated payment gateway) that potential or existing customers can use to make online purchases of a number of articles ranging from Books, (Aesthetic and other) Arts and Crafts, Compact disks (CDs) and DVDs in a well-organized efficient manner.

Ransa Tee

The Challenge:

Ransar Tea, based in Sri Lanka, is a Tea manufacturing outlet that distributes the former to wholesale customers. Their products – in spite of their elegant class and top notch quality – were short of a significant ascent in sales, all due to a remarkable lack in recognition. Ransar therefore required a solution that revealed their true value which would’ve been expected to match and boast the evident but unknown exquisiteness (of their end-products) previously.

The Approach:

When tekMAZ began working on building the website, we first spent ample (but entirely adequate) time on gathering information and organizing it to suit our development needs; all these while keeping in mind the model structure that we had built – following the brief/comprehensive technical reports that exhaustively organized the research data – which we updated regularly and intermittently via client interviews. Once this phase neared completion it (R&D) was still left open for further enhancements while we progressed on to solving it (the shortcoming) hence producing the first model Result.

An open source framework, WordPress, CMS (Content Management System), was utilized to design the website in such a way that the end-user can customize it completely to suit needs.

Although some of the WordPress (designed) Plugins and Widgets (available freely under the GNU/GPL license) were used in, several more were coded specifically to address their (client’s)

The Solution:

The design of the first prototype was implemented based on proprietary customs (development), which we produced as a primary suggestive mechanism – to enhance the rapidity of the process while also making the progress effective. However, nearly all parameters that required further enhancements and fine tuning resulted from the tailored specifications and feedback Ransar initially laid out on tekMAZ’s drawing board.

Rapid Application Design methodologies were employed to fine tune the solution by producing prototypes that were developed based on feedback. These results were updated on analyzing relevant client-commentary, periodically.

Some of the functionalities introduced in this project are the Enquiry form, Contact Us form, Newsletter subscription, Image Gallery etc.

The Result:

tekMAZ provided a reliable Website solution to the client, that presented the wholesalers and other visitors to the former with accurate and beneficial details on the products that Ransar offered.

Their end-products are now acclaimed to be truly worthy delicacies, all by means of the essentials that Ransar offers through the attractively presented data – in the website solution t hat tekMAZ has provided.

This project took 1 month in the initial development stage and 2 weeks for QA and bug fixes, on top of that.URL:

The Studios

The Studios (Islington) is a website whose layouts and graphic blueprints were created by a design company. The Word Press framework was used extensively to develop the underlying functionalities of this undertaking around the visual data provided to tekMAZ by the same. The employment of the structural core to develop the solution for this undertaking was reasonably straight forward. No issues were encountered in the system’s development life cycle, and hence it’s (project) progress was smooth from start to finish.
This undertaking was completed in 2 weeks.

Maksim Mrvica (musician)


Maksim Mrvica is a popular musician who required recognition in cyberspace via a website that publicized the musician’s musical entourage and pertinent personal activities while also advertising the musician’s products, making available subscriptions to the former’s news, and displaying an archive/gallery of media produced by the same. The foremost challenge faced in this project was personalizing the video gallery to the needs of the client. To be applicably elaborate in a (certain) specific issue, client required features of the default “youtube” video player to be enhanced in such a way that it provides the user with a preview of the next (or previous) video clip. Since the former description was not available in the said “default-player”, the application had to be revamped to suit the client’s needs.


tekMAZ solved the abovementioned explicit (overriding) requirement by developing their own set of functions that catered to the former, and embedded them into the standard (youtube) player; thereby creating an enhanced-“reverse engineered” version of the same as a direct response to client’s needs. A technical overview of the means employed to develop the solution can be described as follows: by displaying a single frame retrieved from the middle of the corresponding music video’s timeline as a preview of the next (or previous) video clip in queue.


The functionality employed to address this task was administered towards engineering the solution for this project in a very straightforward manner, not unlike a very basic approach that exceedingly facilitates the required themes and elements of the abovementioned requirements (Challenge), thereby enhancing the production of a completely operational upshot. Fans are provided with the facility to post comments on the website via the “Guest book”. The comments however are evaluated by a moderator/administrator before it is allowed to be visible on the guest book web page of the musician’s website. As such, the Word Press framework was used to address the former functionality.


The end result for this project requirement was a remarkably attractive website that features descriptions of the musician’s biography, industrial history, important news updates pertaining to the musician’s personal activities and the musician’s performances worldwide and a gallery complete with (the musician’s) audio numbers, pictures and a thoroughly enhanced video player. The final outcome had an area dedicated for comment updates (made by the musician in person, for viewers to see), facilities for member subscription and media-downloads, the music-video player and many more. This project undertaking took 2-3 weeks to produce and release.

50+ Manifesto

The Challenge:

50 + Manifesto is a health information oriented comprehensive website solution by tekMAZ. It publishes myriad health related articles by categorizing them in a creative way. All separate discussions are based on applicably descriptive summaries of elementary human organs, their functions, wholesome foods and living, diseases, treatment for diseases, physical fitness, physical and mental health and many more. This project posed a considerable challenge in integrating the design (made however, by the design company) with Word Press, because it’s (the former framework’s) functionality doesn’t usually/always address layouts such as the one provided.

The Approach:

The density of material to be presented on the website was designed to be blanketed by an array of decoratively (but symmetrically) placed “buttons” or links that the user may “click” to gain access to. This design was made by the design company and passed on to tekMAZ to develop the code around, to aid in making the complete design (and) framework germane/sturdy.

Functionality: The Word Press framework was used to develop the solution for the 50+ Manifesto undertaking.

The Solution:

In this pipeline, only the administrator retains the privilege to create, upload, revise or delete articles on the website. Users visiting the page can study or comment on the articles. The comments however, go through the moderator panel for evaluation; and publishing on the comments section if declared appropriate.

The Result

The abovementioned summary of techniques and procedures were used to develop a solution which took a total of 7 days (1 week) to complete. The solution was delivered and the website is up and successfully running since June 2011.


  • “It has been a privilege working with the team at tekMAZ. We have traveled a long way together, and the thing that has really impressed me with their service, is a willingness to go that extra mile, to understand the clients need with a calmness and patience which produces excellence. For a young and expanding company, I feel there is an honesty about their approach which has given me control, because they are in control. Seeing my project grow into what it is today, from scratch, has been life changing. But, there is always more work to do, and now I feel very fortunate to have found them.”

    Jason Billingham CEO at DIYPRICECHECKER
  • “Personnel at tekMAZ ensure that the tasks directed at them are attended to in a well refined and competent manner, producing great results. I was especially impressed by their firm commitment in showing Alex Chilton Design excellent service at all times by observing any impediment that may surface, with an assurance to learn from it and guarantee satisfaction.”

    Abigail Crockford
  • “I had a plan of creating a graphic design house. Managing it is one thing… and advertising it and drawing clients in cyber-space is another. tekMAZ meticulously revised our proposal and kept reporting developments and improvements following feedback, while demonstrating impressive diligence in their service. Whatever they were, it led me to believe that I will be satisfied the same way or even better with “two” more projects I have them working on for me.”

    Saamantha Tennege CEO at SaamArt
  • “Having dealt with a number of software development companies for various projects and having undergone several negative (and very costly) experiences with UK website developers I was a little apprehensive about dealing with such a geographically-distant company for such an ambitious project as However, I can confidently state that these fears were proven unfounded as tekMAZ is one of the most professional, efficient and competent developers I have had the pleasure to work with. Their technical abilities and expertise was backed up by excellent communication and an unflappable approach to some of our more challenging requests. Every perceived problem or issue was dealt with promptly, effectively and willingly. There aren’t many companies I feel confident enough to recommend unreservedly – tekMAZ is one of the few.”

    Gary Bracey MD at PeelZone



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